Newly released!! DataGrid component for REACT:

SQLEDT - SQL Enterprise Data Toolkit

  • Enterprise Application Development with Flex always involves working with one or more Database Systems.

  • Iterative, Agile development methodologies like RUP and SCRUM introduce new database schemas in every iteration.

  • Larger Databases with hundreds or even thousands of tables are not uncommon. With the advent of ORM systems like Hibernate, creating a single business object could mean dozens of Inserts.

  • Multiple environments with differences in schema as well as data make it hard to keep track of changes and synchronize
If this sounds familiar, SQLEDT will be a breath of Fresh Air.

Having dealt with many of the above issues repeatedly over the course of our Enterprise Projects, we have developed a Database Tool that brings to you Test Data Generator, SQL Schema Compare, SQL Data Compare, SQL Intellisense, Database Navigation, SQL Designer, Script Generator, Power Search, and Quick Filter, in one easy to use tool. Take a quick tour here or if you have a few minutes to read, click here, or just go to the home page here.

One tool. Unlimited Possibilities. Try it, we guarantee you will like it.

Bundle it with Flexicious Ultimate to take advantage of significant savings!!